Introductionary Tour of the Asylum

I was born with Cerebral Palsy. For the majority of my life I have been unable to communicate with the outside world except my family and a few select friends. It left me feeling angry, frustrated and like an outsider.

I got the first hint of my writing talent in middle school when I had to write a five paragraph story on the topic of my choice. The words flowed so easily. It is amazing that my mother still remembers that story after all this time.

I started to write seriously in my senior year of high school. About a month after the breakup with my girlfriend, I found myself needing a release of what was being created by my brain. Words gave me the outlet that I sorely needed at the time. Writing gave me a way to express what I could not do verbally.

When I entered high school, I had a mentor that turned out to be instrumental not only in my education but in bringing the writer within me out. He taught me how to build a solid plot and to write dialogue in the most effective manner. Over the years, I have silently thanked him for all he has done for me. Now, I will do it publicly. Richard, wherever you are, whatever you are doing, thank you for all you have done for me.

Over the years, I fought writing about what I considered to be the darker side of humanity. At this time, let me define “the darker side of humanity” as I see it. To me, it is the anger of that that world possesses. It is the evil of mankind. My thoughts and ideas made me feel that I was bad and evil myself. Over the years, as I grew as a writer, it became clear to me that writing about the darker side of humanity was my true calling. I gave into what was meant to be and began to write what my creative mind thought of. A lot of what I have been writing about and will be writing about will be of characters who are disabled in one fashion or another that are in overwhelming situations.

Today, I truly feel that my talent will bloom to its full potential with hard work and devotion. With the help of my loving parents, friends and my girlfriend who all give their unconditional love and support any way I need it, I will thrive in the writing of many books.