Remember the Thing Called Patience

Recently, I read a weekly blog by Misty Massey at Magical Words called WaitingIn it, she was talking about how a reader was acting as if it was the worse crime on earth to have to wait for what was to be a May 2012 book release of another author.  Imagine that – someone in our society having to slow down and wait on something – in this rush, rush; I need it yesterday – world.

When I read Misty Massey’s blog, my blood began to boil – not at Misty Massey of course but at the insensitive, whiny, selfish reader.  Would this reader like for David Coe to go to her work and raise hell because she was not doing her job in the timely manner he felt she should be doing it in?

No one wants to value the old adage of – good things come to those that wait. Misty Massey described her yearnings and how it felt to have to wait on the release of a book or for special days like Christmas to arrive. My girlfriend is the same way. She builds up slowly anticipating the date of something special to her then when she gets it; she takes the time to cherish it before she enjoys it. What has happen to the Misty’s and Towanna’s of this world?

When I was in Junior High School, I was given a writing assignment which made me realize that I had a creative side deep with me waiting to get out. When I was about 15, I found the series called The Dark Tower written by Stephen King along with the book he wrote called It.  Both the series and the book nudged me into my writing career.

I remember how much I enjoyed part one of The Dark Tower series – The Gunslinger. I wanted more than anything for part two – Drawing of the Three – to be out the next time I went to the book store. Needless to say it wasn’t. There were a total of 7 books to this series. The time span between each book was at least a few years and I was eagerly waiting patiently for each book to be released. Stephen King had me on the edge of my seat that is for sure. The wait for the next book to come out seemed like an eternity but I was happy to wait for such fine creativity to grace my door steps but yet I still wanted it like yesterday. To occupy my time and wait, I did read books by other authors; every time I went to the book store, I would make sure I looked for another Stephen King book. As soon as I found the next book, I purchased it then would drive my mother insane to get home so I could read it. Yes, I dropped everything when a new book of the series hit the book stores.

To me, there is an unspoken loyalty, trust and devotion between a reader and their author. For a writer to come up with such creativity in a way that a reader is dying to see what happens next is not an easy job to do. Don’t get me wrong, after a period of months of waiting for a next book in that series to come out, I too got frustrated. Nevertheless, I do not agree with this reader’s reaction to such a release date.  A release date of anything is totally up to the publisher. Rather it is a music cd, a movie or a novel – the publisher releases it when the company has room or feels it’s the right time. Release dates are out of the writer’s control.

It takes time – all great things takes time. To me, writing a novel is like giving a part of my soul to millions of people.  I don’t ask for much in return – just some patience and understanding that I am doing the best job I can to get my next project out. Due to my disability, I struggle some days to get words on paper. I refuse to give up – I know I can do it and I hope and pray my readers and
future readers will be able to see that.  I hope for Towanna’s and my sake that our readers will be more patient and understanding.


2 responses to “Remember the Thing Called Patience

  1. Hey Wade, I love the expression, “and I was eagerly waiting patiently for each book.” It describes how I feel about waiting for book whatever-is-next in the Game of Thrones series.

  2. and I also am EAGERLY waiting to no avail for the next Stieg Larssen book…and he up and DIED! AARGH! now that is no fair.

    but….there is hope that the partially finished novel he had written might be published by someone else. Wont be the same but for “patiently waiting” readers, it might give us closure.

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