Ho Ho Ho: An early present from the person who runs The Asylum


To many of us, November is the start of the holiday season and the time of year when our already busy lives get even busier. Yet, in a lot of ways it is filled with fun, laughter and the making of memories – which all of us need. I know Towanna has something up her sleeve which she will not even hint what it is. I am stuck waiting until she divulges what it is – whenever that will be. Bah humbug – I hate waiting when I don’t know the secret.

This month was hard in a few ways for Towanna and me (for different reasons) which I am not going to discuss at this time.  We are communicating with each other and helping each other through what is going on, and that is what counts the most. The least amount said, the better it will be. Besides this isn’t time or place to discuss those reasons. When the time is right and we have created our personal blogs, which is after we are published, we will begin to divulge more of our personal sides to everyone.

This month has been busy for both of us in the personal and professional arenas. Such is life – right? We have moved forward with the book, the start of my first short story and Towanna’s business venture outside of writing.

We long last finished the writing of chapter one of our novel. I sat on it for so long, I can’t believe it’s finally finished. To be honest, I was dancing in my wheelchair because we are done – that is literally not figuratively. There was a scene that was extremely hard for me to write. It took a lot of coaching and support from Towanna for me to get through it. Once it was in her hands, we seem to zip on through to the end. We have semi-polished it and it’s off to our first reader. We have high hopes it will be enjoyed and not too much has to be changed when we receive it back.

At the beginning of this month, I started a short story – a prequel to our novel. I had time on my hands while Towanna work to organize both her jobs and catch up in her share of the writing. I think I was driving her up the wall because she told me to get lost and find something to work on. So off to writing I went and the short story came to life. Being I am use to writing in long form, I soon ran into trouble. By this time, Towanna was caught up and we re-focused on chapter one. So the short story waits quietly in the trunk until it is resurrected again. Towanna has already warned me that it is not there to stay – it will be completed. All I can do is sit here and think, “A story I put into the trunk – completed? I heard miracles happen. Time will tell who wins this one.”

Chapter two of the novel is well under its way. Due to circumstances out of our control, Towanna has had to put the novel down for a while to deal with issues that life has tossed her way but I am still forging ahead. She will soon be caught up and then it will be full steam ahead.

Speaking of Towanna, her business idea is starting to take off finally.  She will be busier than ever once the center is open. I am worried she’ll spread herself too thin and burn out but she reassures me she has a secret weapon that will prevent that and for some reason, I believe her. I sure wish her all the happiness in this business venture. She deserves success and wealth in life and this venture has a high success rate. I will not go into details of what the business is but I feel it deep inside me – it’s a money  maker for me (shush – don’t tell her I said that – lol) I am extremely pleased because it will provide us the income that we will need solely between the royalty checks. Despite what you might think, an author only gets only a small percentage of book sells, and the rest goes to their agent and the publisher. Oh my, she has just told me, I will be double dipping to – I have to help her with her business – oi vey – watch out world here we come.

This month sure has been very prosperous for us and I hope December will be even better. I am hoping the short story will be ready for Towanna to edit and put her two cents in by the New Year. Then the story will be off into the world to find itself home. Towanna is hoping chapter two will be done by the New Year. I think she is nuts but she is determine. When that woman gets determined to do something she is like the insane train Blaine from Stephen King’s Dark Tower series. Nothing can stop her and she refuses to slow down or quit until she gets where she wants to be. How this month will turn out, I have no clue. I know I will be pushing us and Towanna says she is definitely going to push us (like that is something new.)

To close, Towanna and I would like to take the time to wish everyone a very happy and safe holiday. May your homes be filled with family and friends (and insane characters) as well as good will, peace and love.


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