Where Did the Time Go?

As with any December, cold weather arrived with fierceness. Thank God, we haven’t gotten any snow – just a little snow flurries. I am more than ready for spring time and nice weather. I am sitting in Kentucky with the average of 34 degree weather and Towanna is sitting in Florida enjoying high 70’s and lounging on her pool deck. Something just is not right with that.

There were a few days that I didn’t write and that I can honestly say that I was not being lazy or procrastinating. I was busy with holiday events.  We enjoyed an extended weekend over Christmas and will be taking one for New Year’s Day weekend as well. Today, (for some strange reason) Towanna insist we get back to work.

This month, plans have begun in regards to special event that will happen at the beginning of next summer that I can’t wait for.  It will take a lot of planning and coordination but it can and will be done. LOL – I know everyone is dying to know what that special event is but everyone will just have to wait to find out because I am not telling. Oh by the way – don’t ask Towanna because she won’t tell you either. Right now, outside of completing our first project, maybe a convention, and the special event, we are not planning too much at this time for next year.

The holidays have been a very good one for me. Christmas Eve and half Christmas day I spent with my father and step mom and her kids. I enjoyed watching the boys opening their gifts.  The way they ripped open the packages, tossing wrapping paper about made our den look like a tornado struck it. I could not help but laugh when their eyes brighten with joy at the treasures they received. The rest of Christmas day and Monday, I enjoyed time with my grandmother, mom and stepdad. Boy was my grandmother the jackpot winner this year. I received Bama and UK things – gooooooo Bama, gooooooo UK (Laughing) I also got a new flat screen TV. Towanna says to look at it good now because after the first of the year, I won’t have time to see it much. Monday afternoon, mom and I had some good quality mother/son time by going to the movies. Then Monday night, I was back at Dad’s for another long time family tradition – a book swap and dinner. I am hoping that one year – sooner than later – that Towanna and I will see one of our novels being exchanged during our traditional book swap. Towanna and I had a small gift exchange. I do so think that in the future, we will enjoy spoiling each other immensely not only throughout the year but at Christmas time as well.

As with many Decembers in the past, I have found myself extremely busy but feeling like I have accomplished very little. Of course, I know I have been busy all month. Writing, the holidays, and Towanna kept me busy that is for sure.  Sometimes I felt that I was whipping through the wintery wonderland in a blaze of wind.

When the month started, Towanna stated that she wanted chapter two to be done by the end of the month.  I almost fell out of my wheelchair due to my tendency to procrastinate, and as usual, I didn’t believe in my resolve.  Once again, I have proven myself wrong. Towanna just laughs at me. She has faith in me that often times I don’t have in myself. She knew I could do it. I am not sure what happened but I was done chapter two before I realized it. Maybe the BICHOK has something to do with it.  As it neared the week of Christmas, I started on chapter three. I am progressing along quite nicely.  I am truly surprised how fast the chapter is writing itself.  I have even done a blog or two this month. I know, I know, I should do more blogging and I have promised myself and Towanna that will be one thing I will be working on in the New Year.

Once again, I have changed how I approach my day, especially when it comes to writing. I think I am beginning to drive Towanna crazy over changing things as much as I do but she remains a trooper and doesn’t complain. Well, she don’t complain that much.  I tend to grow bored easy. When this happens, I find myself laughing at the excuses for not writing that I tend to come up with. Poor Towanna can only shake her head at some of them. I will probably have to change my current writing process within several months. I have mixed feelings about doing this. Part of me is happy I can find something that helps me to get my creativity out of me and onto paper. On the other hand it slows me down and it takes a while for me to get geared back up to where I should be.

With each passing month, I am finding myself getting out of the habit of wanting and needing to be just like every other writer out there. I know no two people are the same – especially writers. I have caught myself a couple times this month stopping myself from comparing me to others. Towanna has told me many times that I am a unique person with an ability many others have and that if I put my mind to it, I can be a successful published writer.

Before I close, I would like to take this time to thank all those who stand behind me and lend support to me whenever or wherever I need it. Both Towanna and I would also like to wish each and every one that reads this along with their family and friends a very safe and happy New Year. May next year bring bounties of goodness that surpasses your expectations. May the fruit of life bring you peace, happiness and love.


3 responses to “Where Did the Time Go?

  1. Best of luck with this new year…and lots of new opportunities to write (and to drive Towanna crazy!) I always think the new beginning of the year is just what creative juices need—a new, clean page (or canvas in my case) ….let it flow! We will be looking for the publication notices!

  2. Happy New Year, Wade. I’m also looking forward to having one of your books “fought over” at the Annual Markham Family Book Swap and Barbecue Dinner. That has really turned out to be a good tradition, and somthing I look forward to every year.

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