Me? Crazy? Certifiable? Hmmmm, want to know what made me this way?

Recently, I celebrated another year of being on God’s green earth. I have been blessed to have a family and girlfriend that just love me and are there for me no matter what.

Here are a few profound words that my little brother was inspired to write about me even though he got my birth year wrong. Damn Andrew, next time at least make me a year or two younger. (LOL – Just teasing you my brother – love you)


Wade Thomas Markham III born February 15, 1970 at the haunted hospital on the hill in Bowling Green, Kentucky.  Son of two very young parents Libby 18 and Big Wade 20 I believe (oh my god I can’t imagine having children at that age).  Wade was named after his father and the very mysterious and often debated Wade Thomas Markham the first (most of us doubt he existed).  My personal belief was Grandma Haydon gave Dad the 2nd to make him sound more stately.  Grandma it worked, suit, tie, degree in law, and hopefully a enormous 401K that he will leave to me some day.  I missed the first five years little Wade’s  life due to prior obligations in the ethers. 


I came into the picture when Wade was 5.  We lived in Nashville.  Wade was kind enough to name me and insure that I was not called by the most common American male name “John”.  I was named after Raggedy Andy a doll my brother had and could easily pronounce.  I many traditions it is believed our names paint a picture of our future, and yes I have been an incredibly kind, compassionate, person throughout my life and in addition a bit “raggedy”.


My brother was given a gift that no teacher, parent, or holy man could share with the people.   This gift gave me a foundation of compassion that the Dali Lama strives to teach his followers throughout his life.  A gift that undoubtedly was not an easy one to carry, but boy did he carry it and does he to this day, and I will forever be grateful to him for it.  It is my understanding we choose these lives we lead, these parents we have, the road is laid before us and all we have to do is make the right choices to stay on it.  God Bless you Brother for choosing the road you did, for the world, and my world in particular would be so much less without it.


Wade didn’t always stay on his road, or his lane even.  I have many a memory of be plowed over by his wheelchair and a few of Wade trying “Evil Canivil“ style tricks off stair cases and one down into a huge drainage basin.  He never quite landed the stunts like the “Fall Guy” or “Evil Canivil”  but he sure was good at clipping his younger brother when necessary to get his point across.  I’ve got a couple of scars to show for it.


Wade and I spent our days at play in an imaginary world of adventure.  We couldn’t play in the tree house, or play a game of basketball.  No we had far more important adventures to go on, like sailing pirate ships around the world, conquering dragons and amassing fortunes in golden treasure, racing cars through the baja.  Anywhere and anything we had access for play with our unlimited imagination. 


Wade dreams to be a writer began at an early age.  I recall him copying the text from books with his #2 pencil pretending he was writing books.  He loved to read and the older he got the weirder the books he read.  He is working on his Opus literary piece and taking his time doing it.  I know he will finish this book some day and Brother I promise I will read it when it’s Done.  Lately he has been Blogging about the progress of the books and the trails of being a “Cubs Fan” uhhh, I mean writer.


Cubs fan.  I became to believe a Cubs fan must be the most heartfelt  fan alive, because in the 18 years we lived together, they were never any good.  Ok maybe decent a couple of years.  Harry Cary used to make my brother laugh a laugh that could bring tears to eyes.  In fact, during a very difficult time in my life after losing my best friend, and becoming quite revolted by the concept of “God”  A musician played a tribute to Harry Cary and his passing,  Who would of thought Sam Bush singing “Take me out to the Ball Game” as a memorial to Harry Carry would spark the memory of my brothers laughter that lead me to my knees in prayer.  Thanks Wade for that laugh and Thanks Harry for making him laugh all those years.


Wade was great to have around.  For one if you ever want to do Disney World in style bring my brother.  We didn’t have to wait in a single line, except for “Magic Mountain.”  We couldn’t figure out how to get him on that ride.  He loves food and will fight you tooth and nail for the last helping of mash potatoes.  He also has been known to defy  certain laws of the universe like being a UK fan and a Duke fan.  I believe they call that playing with a loaded deck.  I look forward to spending many more happy birthdays with you Bro.