Hear Ye, Hear Ye, March came in like a king and went out like a WILDCAT

This month has been a very busy month both in writing and in life. Neither Towanna nor I know where this month went to. It was over before we realized it. That is why it’s the end of the first week of April and we are just now doing our end of month blog for March.

March as brought a slowdown in Towanna’s real time – something I did not think I would ever see.  Her business venture is almost ready to open. Groans – I thought Kentucky had red tape to sort through but Florida is the icing off the cake when it comes to red tape. She is waiting on one permit then there is one more. YIPEEEEEEE!!!! I am so happy for her.  Now that she has time to breath, she has realized that she has not touched her online college course in almost two months. Thank God that it is a self-pace course and she will soon be caught up in that as well. She is now back to editing with a fiery passion. She is almost done putting her two cents into Chapter Two and doing some massive editing. Once that is done – psttttttttttt Uncle Fred pay attention here – it will go to our beta reader.

To me, March is one of the few great months of the year. The only month better is August – that is when I met Towanna – and nothing could ever out do that. (I hope that earns me some brownie points with her after the last few months of basketball.)

March, in my opinion, is the best month of the year for sports. It all begins in late November early December. Lots of great games occur over the winter months but nothing compares to the Final Four. Every year, I have a dream – that is to sit and watch my UK Wildcats make it to the Final Four then take the National Championship. This year (after a 14 year wait) they made my dream come true to the tune of a 38-2 season.

This past winter, I spent countless hours watching my team – the reigning national champions; University of Kentucky’s Wildcats- repeatedly take the court to beat one team after another. Some games, I must admit, I worried if they would ever survive it to make it to the next game but they always won in the end. Some games were really close while others games were massive wins. My favorite games were the “kick ass and take names later” games.


Poor Towanna was a real champ. She endured the countless post of game scores and half time chats. She had to tell me constantly it was ok when I began to feel guilty for watching the games. (Her alma mater is WKU – my team’s rival – laughs) She is not a sports fan of any kind but she never once whined or complained through it all.

Don’t worry my dear writing fans. March was not all basketball. March also brought the completion of chapter four of our novel. It took me longer than I anticipated but closure was made. I have tried something new that I am really hoping works. I am trying to keep a new character’s identify from the other already established characters and our readers. I usually don’t like doing this but in this situation I feel it is necessary.

Chapter five is coming along at a much steadier pace -actually is it practically writing itself. Oh how I do so love when that happens because it makes my life so much easier. During the writing of chapter five, I discovered I have a love/hate relationship with the main female character. When I began writing this novel way back in my high school days, she seemed to be a kind and caring person that my main character needed to be with. Now, I am not so sure. Only time will tell.

Recently, I talked with my brother Andrew and he expressed a desire to start writing children’s books. He has honored me by saying he would like to write a book or two with me. I might take him up on his offer once the current novel is complete. I hope the offer is still good at that time. I just feel two books at once would be a bit much. Towanna, as always, says I could do it so we will see. I would not only be honored to co-author a book with Andrew but I would love the adventure.

A week ago, I decided to check out on-screen keyboards similar to the Windows 7 on-screen keyboard for my computer at dad’s house. I never found it; however, I found an on-screen keyboard that is designed specifically for handicapped people called Dasher. I have posted earlier today a blog on Dasher so I won’t be redundant in this blog. As a test of the program and to see if I could write more than a hundred words in one sitting using this program, I’ve written this entire blog while using Dasher.

It is official – I am heading to the ConCarolinas Convention in Charlotte, N.C., the 1st through the 3rd of June. I am very excited as I always am. This convention was the first con I ever went to in 2008. I enjoyed it then and I am sure to enjoy it again. I will be escorted by my best friend – my mother. Tickets are paid for and the hotel room is reserved. Be forewarned restaurants – there is no such thing as Wade having a full stomach. Watch out North Carolina here we come – Wadester is on his way.

Seriously now, I am hoping to return home with a broader knowledge of the craft of writing. Cons are such an awesome way to network and make friends. Unfortunately, due to previous commitments, Towanna is not able to make the convention for me but upon my arrival home, I will tell her all that I can possibly tell her about it. I am hoping to make her feel like she was there. Pssst, don’t tell her but I am planning on getting some post cards and a t-shirt to send to her but she don’t know that yet.

April promises to be a fulfilling and busy month. Just the way Towanna and I like it. We are not sure what we will accomplish but we will get something done sooner or later this month. Oh btw, Towanna wants me to let everyone know, she is on strike on Monday, April 9th. She is going to the beach and there will be no center work, no writing, no editing, no beta reading, no phones even cell phones, no lap top NOTHING. Eesh, someone is going to think I work her to hard. I myself will be kicking back and enjoying a good game of baseball. I hope.  My beloved Cubs have not done well the last few years. I am hoping I do not have to sit through a game with the Brewers beating my loveable Cubs.

Happy Easter Everyone!!!!


Look Ma, it is Superman … no no wait… it’s Lazy Man … nooooo it’s Dasher

Recently, I stumbled on a computer program called Dasher. It slowed me down and my patience went out the door while I was learning this program. Towanna sat patiently waiting for me during this time – it is a wonder she has not spanked me yet. She has told me at least two times a day this past week that she will not consider a word count or if the program is good for me or not until I have used it for at least a month. She says after a month, I will have used it enough to know most of the bells and whistles. This would make for a complete analysis of the program. Hmm, could it be so?

I am slowly getting use to this program. To be honest, I am beginning to think this program is definitely worth the download and the time it takes to learn it. When I told Towanna that, she just laughed and asked me if I was sure. She knows as well as I do I have not had the best in the patience department and that I have forgotten I do have limitations. Most who know me would have thought I was crazy after all the grumbling and complaining I have done.

I can type faster without this program but I find myself exhausted and brain fried at the end of a session. With Dasher, I have more energy and I am not as cranky which I am sure my mom, Towanna and some others appreciate.


Another unrelated problem that I have which drives my girlfriend up the wall is that I tend to go from one end of the scale to the other with no stopping in between when it comes to working. I am either completely lazy and avoiding working or I go non-stop working for weeks on end. I tend to say tomorrow I am taking off then before Towanna is even awake I am up and working and bombing her with ideals and wanting her to check this or that out. This tends to make for a cranky Towanna – which I don’t like to see too often. I know I need to find a balance. I have been told this can be done but being a writer I have to write when the ideas and words come to me – so sporadic work is par for the course. At this point in time, all I want is to find that delicate balance between procrastinating, being lazy and having spurts of being a workaholic. Is that possible???