Look Ma, it is Superman … no no wait… it’s Lazy Man … nooooo it’s Dasher

Recently, I stumbled on a computer program called Dasher. It slowed me down and my patience went out the door while I was learning this program. Towanna sat patiently waiting for me during this time – it is a wonder she has not spanked me yet. She has told me at least two times a day this past week that she will not consider a word count or if the program is good for me or not until I have used it for at least a month. She says after a month, I will have used it enough to know most of the bells and whistles. This would make for a complete analysis of the program. Hmm, could it be so?

I am slowly getting use to this program. To be honest, I am beginning to think this program is definitely worth the download and the time it takes to learn it. When I told Towanna that, she just laughed and asked me if I was sure. She knows as well as I do I have not had the best in the patience department and that I have forgotten I do have limitations. Most who know me would have thought I was crazy after all the grumbling and complaining I have done.

I can type faster without this program but I find myself exhausted and brain fried at the end of a session. With Dasher, I have more energy and I am not as cranky which I am sure my mom, Towanna and some others appreciate.


Another unrelated problem that I have which drives my girlfriend up the wall is that I tend to go from one end of the scale to the other with no stopping in between when it comes to working. I am either completely lazy and avoiding working or I go non-stop working for weeks on end. I tend to say tomorrow I am taking off then before Towanna is even awake I am up and working and bombing her with ideals and wanting her to check this or that out. This tends to make for a cranky Towanna – which I don’t like to see too often. I know I need to find a balance. I have been told this can be done but being a writer I have to write when the ideas and words come to me – so sporadic work is par for the course. At this point in time, all I want is to find that delicate balance between procrastinating, being lazy and having spurts of being a workaholic. Is that possible???


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