The Same Old Song and Dance

Everyone needs something that can keep their attention on the task at hand. For some, it is the television or a DVD movie. For others, it is total quiet – no noise inside or out. For others, it is a cuddly kitten in their lap. For me, it is music. I am sure that I am not the only one that works better with their favorite tunes blaring driving others crazy.

I like the loud, progressive rock as well as classic rock. Classic rock does well to wake me up to or while in the car, and the progressive rock while writing.  Towanna is a country gal – all the way. She is the type that needs everything off for her to get her writing done. She keeps threatening to get me a set of headphones and glue them on my head while I am writing. She has recently even mention about putting me out on the south forty and sound proofing the building. I think my father would love that. He hates my music but I have tried other genres and they just don’t work for me.

The music has to fit into what I am writing. The beat and lyrics has to be in sync with the drama that I am writing in order to keep me drawn into my work. It is nothing for me to change the radio station four or five times in one writing session. Hey – whatever works, right?

If my girlfriend is not around and I am not motivated, I have a few select groups that do very well in propelling me into my chair with hands on the keyboard. Once that occurs, I have my groups that help me get into my groove. Once that is achieved, then I can set my radio station with any and all music of my beloved genre that is going to drive most insane, and write for hours.

I have been told by some that they have to have the same songs by the same artist or that they have to have things set up just the right way for the whole day in order for them to get task done. As the saying goes – variety is the spice of life. I have to have a variety of artists, as well as songs with or without lyrics, for me to make it through my day of creativity. I do not understand how people can listen to the same thing day in and day out – to each their own. It would drive the writer in me bonkers.

With the current projects that Towanna and I are working on at the moment, I find myself changing stations quite frequently. It keeps things fresh in my mind and the creativeness with in me flowing.  I find this ironic because outside my writing, I have to have everything pretty much on a strict schedule or done a specific way in order to control the emotional side of my disability. Obviously, it depends on my mood that day and what may or may not be happening around me.

Sometimes, I may be sitting at my computer; looking like I am sleeping and someone will walk up to see if I am ok. If my music is on and up, all I am doing is getting into the mindset to write. So if you ever see someone hunched over their laptop with a faraway look in their eyes, check to see if they are breathing and just watch over them. They could be doing the same thing I do – setting the scene for a successful writing experience.